Profile: Beautycon Media

With the rapid technological advancements being made every year, it has become much easier for companies to reach a diverse consumer base located across the many corners of the world. Social media platforms, for example, have been a blessing for many businesses that are developing as it is a cheap, yet effective method in which companies can develop products and market strategies to reach millions of potential customers on websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Unlike the past, where the idea of social media was inconceivable, companies are now able to accelerate their growth all because of these social media platforms and the people they attract.

Taking into consideration all of these changes to the traditional marketplace, Moj Mahdara, the CEO of Beautycon Media, understood just how to cultivate a dynamic consumer base with the given tools available. Upon becoming the CEO of Beautycon, Mahdara felt that the direction that the company was heading in a direction that was not conducive to positive and sustainable growth. Initially, Beautycon started out as a Business to Business network, where content creators could connect with each other and share their work, but that quickly changed when Mahdara reorganized it into a consumer media platform that reached a more diverse audience. Mahdara, instead, wanted the company to target the 16- to 24-year-old female market of which she believed wasn’t being catered to strongly enough by other competitors.

As the name implies, Beautycon deals largely with beauty products and fashion, something that is very popular with the aforementioned demographic that Mahdara sought out to target. In addition to fashion and beauty products, Beautycon Media provides other unique services such as aggregating multimedia content to its users and organizing large-scale conventions that include popular YouTube stars and other big names in the online fashion business. Many of the people who visit these conventions, such as Bethany Mota and Kandee Johnson, attend panels where visiting fans can ask a variety of questions ranging from just about anything. They also participate in events where they meet with individual fans, showing just how personal and exciting these events can be for younger girls looking to learn more about fashion. It gives them a chance to gain firsthand knowledge on trends and techniques for looking their best.

Mahdara takes great pride in the audience that she attracts to these events, mentioning that their audience has typically been underrepresented in media. The people she is referring to, LGBT individuals, Blacks, and Hispanics, are all welcome to participate and actually compose a large segment of the people attending these nationwide and internationally held conventions.

Working with hundreds of companies that help sponsor Beautycon and its operations, Mahdara has helped steer her company into a positive direction, one that was previously unheard of. So far, Beautycon, since Moj’s ascension to CEO, has grown considerably and has really made an impact on the digital beauty market. For example, companies like Cover Girl have been engaged with Beautycon to identify what type of products are becoming popularized as well as the special needs originating from women of color. As mentioned, women of color are traditionally underrepresented in the media which has resulted in a relatively small range of products being available to them. Companies like Beautycon Media act, in a way, like a broker or a middleman who helps consult other fashion entities due to its extensive connections in the marketplace.

Beautycon media has provided young women, especially young women of color, a platform on which they can be represented in the media. Pooling in popular icons in the fashion world, Beautycon has certainly made a name for itself and has become one of the fastest growing digital entities today. Though it employs less than 50 people, it hasn’t stopped Beautycon Media from reaching a wide audience across the world nor has it prevented it from maintaining relationships with some of the largest businesses in the game such as L’Oréal and Cover Girl.