Profile: Jukely Offers Alternative Options For Concertgoers


Music concerts are among some of the most-enjoyed leisure activities that many Americans loved attending to. As a person who loves going to hard rock festivals, rap concerts, and EDM raves, I always love it when I get to attend these shows after buying tickets for them at an affordable price.

This is where Jukely, an entertainment and recreation startup, comes in with its offers of affordable concerts for members who subscribe to their services for $25 per month. Jukely members can browse a list of shows they want to attend, choose their preferred show, and attend the show without paying any additional fees.

There are also benefits for upcoming bands and singers who subscribe to Jukely with the main intention of increasing their exposure to a wider audience. A few of those benefits include reducing the artists’ promotional spend by activating Jukely’s network of users and increasing the fanbase of people who have never heard their music before.

What Jukely is doing for artist exposure is reminiscent of what MySpace had done in the 2000’s when it comes to collaborating with rising music artists. MySpace in the last decade was a hub for prospective musicians who wanted to introduce their songs or style of music to a diverse MySpace user base who were mostly avid music fans that wanted to know who will be the next superstars of the music industry.

What the startup aims to be mostly is becoming the ‘Spotify of live music’ when it comes to providing new music to music fans in 17 cities nationwide. Among the 17 cities that Jukely operates in include San Francisco, New York City, Austin, Denver and Chicago, especially as Jukely founder Bora Celik has stated that it had been hard in the past for him as a promoter to attract people to attend a weekday concert to see an upcoming artist.

Jukely has also been dubbed as the “Netflix of live music’ according to VICE since the startup offers unlimited choices of concerts to attend for an affordable fee. While the individual monthly fees are still $25 per month, there are also “unlimited plus” passes which are for the individual and their “plus one” and they cost $45 per month and the fee can range from a reasonable price to a very good deal depending on the number of shows the subscriber has attended.

Picking a concert from the choices that are offered by Jukely to attend saves time for the subscribers as they select the city that they are located in or near and the specific genres of music they like listening to. Selecting the types of musical preferences will also save the Jukely members money as they can attend concerts that are performed exclusively by musicians from the genres that they love, as well as benefiting the artists and promoters as a high number of attendees will mean more recognition for the artists and more profit for the promoters.

Just last year, Jukely had made alterations to its subscription terms as it now has a cap of the number of concerts the subscribers are allowed to attend monthly. The new terms state that members paying the standard $25/month can claim 4 shows per month, those paying $35/month can claim 5, those paying $45 may claim 8, and those paying $65/month can claim 10 spots per month. 

Annual members are permitted to claim 5 spots per month, Annual+1 members may reserve 10 spots. However, bonus shows are the exception as they will not count toward a Jukely user’s monthly spot allocation.

Jukely’s business model allows subscribers to be notified about shows that are available for reservations that fit with their musical preferences. It is conducted through a recommendation engine that tracks the music listening habits of over 27 million people nationwide, which is a remarkable feature for Jukely to have since it wasn’t too long ago, the startup started off as a simple app to buy concert tickets from.

However, there were some initial fears about Jukely affecting the live music industry as the artists and promoters feared that Jukely would be getting more profit from the ticket buyers, regardless if the concerts are filled or barely empty. The fears began to subside when it turns out that the bulk of the money would go to the artists that performed at the shows and if their shows result in a success, it’ll likely lead to promoters being able to promote more upcoming shows and the concertgoers being able to influence their friends and family to become a Jukely subscriber, which will also enhance the reputation of Jukely as the affordable option compared to competitors like Eventbrite and Ticketmaster.

Jukely is likely to be a reliable choice for concertgoers who have been reluctant to buy tickets to see their favorite musicians perform due to increasing ticket prices. The subscription services that Jukely are offering are continuing to ensure that the concertgoers, musicians, promoters and the Jukely employees themselves satisfied and that the live music industry is also benefiting from its promotion of rising stars who may one day become legends of their respective genres.