The Stream: Artist Watch: Andy Suzuki & The Method

Early Life: Andy Suzuki is far from a rookie when it comes to music, Suzuki has reportedly been singing since before he could walk. According to, Andy Suzuki has been exposed to “a world of sounds” from a very young age. Born to an American Jewish mother and a Japanese father and growing up in the melting pot of Washington DC, Suzuki surrounded himself with an abundance of cultural diversity which gave Suzuki a distinct perspective on music.

Andy Suzuki studied at Brown University where he used music as an outlet, at Brown, Suzuki met Kozza Babuma, the grandson of award-winning Nigerian percussionist, Babatunde Olatunji, through a mutual friend. The duo formed and played together in Brown’s music circuit for a couple of years. In 2008, the duo met Jason Gorelick, a violist from San Francisco, California. After playing a sold-out show at one of Brown’s most popular venues, The Underground, the trio became “Andy Suzuki & The Method”.

Andy Suzuki & The Method: The band released its first EP 300 Pianos, in 2009 the record proved that there is “still songwriting and soul left in pop music, according to In an article the online magazine wrote about the band, they claimed that “the band’s eclectic instrumentation which features an electric violin, djembe and piano pushes the boundaries of the acoustic singer/songwriter genre”. The band has had pretty recognizable reviews, from a variety of different outlets covering the music scene. NPR said that “Andy Suzuki…is blessed with a velvet voice” and Time Out Magazine New York declared the band has a “deadly way with melody”.

The independent New York City-based band released their highly anticipated LP Born Out Of Mischief in 2013 which they crowdfunded with the help from their fans, the band raised nearly 50,000 to record and produce their album.  Born Out Of Mischief is led by the harmonious folk-themed single, "Keep Me Running". Listen Here: 

Since their release Born Out of Mischief, the band has not released any work yet, though the are touring at the moment. For the album, Andy Suzuki's fans raised $47,407 for their independent album on a crowdfunding site specifically for musicians.  When the band surpassed their goal of $44,000 the band made sure to give back to their fans who do

Since their release Born Out of Mischief in 2013, the band has not released any new work yet, though they are busy touring at the moment. For their album which was crowdfunded by fans on, a crowdfunding site specifically for musicians the band made sure to give back to their fans who donated to the making of their album. Some of the perks their fans got from contributing were an appearance in their music video, dinner with the band (on them) a private concert, Andy's autographed guitar and even a fans name tattooed on Andy.

As of right now, Andy Suzuki & The Method have not talked about a new album release soon, but they are touring with Tyrone Wells this fall on the Cover to Cover tour, here are the dates:

09.28 Nashville, TN
09.29 Atlanta, GA
09.30 Charlotte, NC
10.01 Vienna, VA
10.02 New York, NY
10.04 New York, NY
10.05 Vienna, VA
10.06 Fairfield, CT (on sale 6/19)
10.07 Boston, MA
10.09 Columbus, OH
10.11 Indianapolis, IN
10.12 Spring Lake, MI
10.13 Evanston, IL
10.14 Minneapolis, MN
10.15 St. Louis, MO

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