Garments: People Everywhere Speaking Out About Race

Jennifer Lopez, Giuseppe Zanotti to Team on Shoe Collection: We all know the enchanting Jennifer Lopez for the stunning woman she is. The woman who hasn’t aged a day, the woman who embodies talent through each of her multiple ventures whether that is acting, singing, being a mother, or simply a human who can balance it all, J-Lo has done it ALL throughout her career. She’s been the role model not just for people of a Latina background, but all people who have grown up in the small home lands with dreams bigger than ever. She’s used to being the it-woman in the industry, and the time has come for her to do something long awaited. Women’s Wear Daily exclusively reports that Giuseppe Zanotti himself, the man behind the stunning shoe collection dawned by celebrities everywhere, reached out to J-Lo to create a capsule shoe collection together called Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez. The line will be shown at Footwear Fashion Association of New York from Aug. 2 to 4 and launch at retail in January at Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Giuseppe Zanotti stores, as well as select retailers worldwide. The range also includes two handbag styles and will retail from $795 to $1,995.

 “I’m very proud of the businesses I’ve built,” Lopez says. “They’ve allowed me to bring really great product at an accessible price point. But I hadn’t done a high-end project yet and this seemed like the right time, medium and designer. I’ve always been passionate about shoes. Sometimes I even choose an outfit around my shoes.” While the shoes are said to be debuted in early 2017 — and for spring from the looks of the samples — Zanotti hints at giving exact details and projections. “It’s passion, not rushed. It’s not a business. We don’t have targets. We have the idea to build a good relationship. She is a lovely frien

Calvin Klein Model Ebonee Davis Speaks Candidly About Racism in Fashion: Racism is all around us. From the recent police shootings and arrests at protests to the rise of pro-white groups, this is a scary, tense time for all of us. While some in the fashion industry feel insulated from it, others, like model Ebonee Davis, see an industry that's equally unjust as the rest of the world. The star of Calvin Klein's fall 2016 campaign wrote an essay on the topic calling out the lack of diversity and what it means.

With everything going on in the world today, the topic of racism is one that has been parked on the tongues of people everywhere. This is undoubtedly a tense time in the history of mankind, and while some people in the fashion industry have chosen to shy away from the topic, others have spoken out about it. Ebonee Davis, the star of Calvin Klein’s fall 2016 campaign wrote an essay on the topic calling out the lack of diversity and what it means."I thought back to how hard I had tried to assimilate into the fashion industry—straightening my hair, wearing weaves and extensions," she wrote. "I was told that brands only booked black girls if they looked like they'd been 'plucked from a remote village in Africa' or like a 'white model dipped in chocolate,' and from the start of my career in 2011, I lived by those words." In her essay, Davis spoke about makeup artists who change their techniques, methods, and products because they are “under-prepared” to work with models who have a nonwhite skin tone. She points out just how many makeup artists this is directed towards, and how difficult it is as a model to hear yet another artist make a statement like “This foundation doesn’t match but it’s all we can work with…”. Model Leomie Anderson voiced a similar complaint earlier this year when she tweeted, "Of course I get given to the makeup artist who had ONE brown foundation she was trying to mix with white on a sly because she's not equipped." Davis is not the only person who has recently spoken out about this issue. Actress Gabby Sidibe has been in the spotlight for doing so, as well. Fashion blogger Hannah Stoudemire organized a Black Lives Matter protest yesterday at New York men's fashion week. She told Fashionista, "I just want the fashion industry and people in general—the majority of the people represented here today—to acknowledge us."