Garments: Pooja Mor As The New Face Behind Prabal Gurung

Pooja Mor As The New Face Behind Prabal Gurung: Femininity with a bite. Refined eyebrows, chiseled cheekbones, piercing eyes, with a few strands of hair brushed up against her face. The only difference? She’s a simple girl of Indian descent.

Recently, Prabal Gurung revealed via Instagram his latest muse. Pooja Mor, a former Beauty Queen signed with Elite Model Management, has shined a new light on the face of Indian models world wide. Featured in 9 images for the Pre-Fall 2016 editorial, Mor brings a new sense of diversity to the category of “ethnic models.” In each of these ads, she’s depicted with a polished sense of minimalism- little to no makeup covering her natural beauty marks, pushed back hair in a mere ponytail, and the only accessory being a ring. The focus is on and only on the model herself.

As if this model’s beauty doesn’t speak for itself, it’s a shock modeling wasn’t even what she was pursuing. Mor was enrolled in engineering school back home in India, when one of her friends convinced her to participate in a beauty pageant. Being the complete opposite of a girly-girl, Mor was hesitant but took the chance anyways. She went on to win that beauty pageant, and land the opportunity to walk for Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Elie Saab, and Alexander McQueen. Today, she lives in New York City and continues to push boundaries in the fashion industry.

The Variety Seen at Vetements: In other news, rebel brand Vetements delivered a runway show like no other in Paris, France. This haute couture brand broke all the rules by calling in 17 diverse brands, like Levi’s, Brioni, and Mackintosh, and re-cutting previous garments into new street style pieces. Social media was a buzz after images of the ever so popular Juicy Couture sweat suits came back with “Juicy” in embellished crystals written out across the backside of the pants, and overly-baggy hoodies with petite-sized hoods. But, just like anything rebellious and ground-breaking in its truest form, this Vetements runway delivered its bold looks on models in a special way as well. Vetements has received major backlash in the past for the lack of diversity on the runway, yet this show, was undoubtedly deemed as their most diverse. Finally, we saw an eclectic array of colored models. Take a look for yourself. Do we think this runway show shined a new light on what it means to be rebellious?  

Rumored Clothing Line to Be Started by Zayn Malik: RumWe may know him as the guy who stayed in the background during all of One Direction’s group interviews. We may even know him as the guy who made his mark in “teenage-girl-reality-word” the day he decided to leave his boy band. Possibly, we may know him as the guy who is lucky enough to be dating famous runway model Gigi Hadid, daughter of Yolanda Hadid and David Foster. Or, we very well know him for being the beautiful face he is. Zayn Malik has left the world in awe at every single thing he does. Girls everywhere of all ages go heart-throb crazy when this tatted, inked up, hazel-eyed foreign beauty does anything, whether that’s walking the Met Gala Red Carpet or uploading an average selfie on Instagram. Zayn’s worldwide fame has lead to an abundance of attention. Maybe that’s why in recent news, Zayn’s increasing spotlight has lead to the desire for him to share even more of his creative side with his fans.

Mind Of Mine, Zayn’s solo debut album, lead to overnight success. People everywhere took notice of not only how talented this quiet guy really is, but how he brought his heritage into his lyrics. Some songs on the album include Urdu lyrics, and because of the awareness he has brought to his nation by bringing his dual-ethnicities out, he intends to add touches of Pakistani flares to his apparel. 

While no official comments have been made from Zayn regarding his desire to broaden his work, he certainly isn’t the first celebrity to do so. Kanye West is just one example of a singer turned fashion designer. West has had an immense amount of success in his own line “Yeezus”. Perhaps Zayn could maybe learn a thing or two about how to dip his feet in the fashion world from West? Who knows…the guy who once stood quietly in the background during interviews could very well become the guy who launches the next biggest thing in fashion.