Garments: What's Up With the Wests, Gap, and...Yeshi?

Balmain Debuts Star Studded Campaign: Olivier Rousteing has earned a reputation for casting incredibly A-list campaigns with a crowd of some of the hottest, it-models of the moment- but this time he has one-upped even himself. He’s brought back some of the usual members of the invincible Balmain Army, including Joan Smalls, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jourdan Dunn. But he’s also selectively added some new names who just happen to be long time friends and celebrities who represent the Balmain brand on red carpets from time to time. Of course, we are talking about none other than the one and only, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Sticking true to the classical Oliver Rousteing style, tid bits and teases of the campaign were revealed through social media. Kim Kardashian posted a few throwbacks of her Met Gala look where she dawned a Balman ensemble, alongside her husband Kanye West. Olivier himself first started teasing the campaign this past Monday. A few days later, he made the formal announcement that this campaign will feature the Wests, by posting individual photos of the couple.

Balmain has been known to utilize big name celebrities through out its ads and editorials. But this time, using Kim and Kanye was a decision that definitely the public’s attention. Take a look at the fall/winter ad campaign for yourself.

Gap Shuts Critics Down With It’s Most Diverse Ad: When you stop to think about Gap, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it the traditional blue denim that Gap is known for? Or an all-American model featured in an suburban, simple background? Gap has been around for ages. It’s the store known for its denim, and today, it’s where we go when we need some solid basics. But in terms of the persona Gap puts out there for itself, it has often received backlash and criticism for its lack of diversity in its campaigns. Even when Gap tried to use ethnic models in its ads, it became a major controversy because of the way the model was represented, leaving the public to associate ideals of racism with Gap.

Today, Gap launched its latest campaign, and in our opinion, this truly is its best and most successfully diverse yet. The hashtag #doyou is written in simple black letters, with plenty of African-American models looking stunning in Gap apparel. This new campaign so methodically and carefully found the perfect balance of focusing on the clothes, as well as the models. It’s bold, it’s diverse, and it is certainly fashionable like no other.

Yeshi Dolma Lama Gets Personal: Yeshi Dolma Lama, or better known as Yeshi Gaga, is a Germany-based Nepali YouTube fashion blogger, comedian, and a makeup artist. She describes herself as “…just a normal person with big dreams who was born in Boudha. I moved to Germany six years ago and have always lived with fearless perceptions about the fashion world.”She explained how she leaned on her mother at times to break through molds that her passions in life weren’t pursuable, or looked down upon. Her mother, known for her comedic skit “Kya Bejjat” is also an artist herself. Yeshi calls her a perfect example of “today’s generation mom.” Her mom overcame racial struggles herself, and Yeshi took away a very important ideal- that regardless of what people may say, think, or do, you have to put your passions first and follow what makes you happy. If you fail in doing that because of your fear of what others may think, you will never live a happy life because each day will be lived in the mind of others.

When asked what advice she would give to younger people, Yeshi answered by saying “Study hard; follow your heart and passion. You will always be on the right path and be happy.”