Pre-Fashion Week is Definitely Not to be Undermined

The Next Big Fashion Week Trend According to Eva Mendes: As an actress, mother of two, wife of Ryan Gosling, a timeless beauty, and a major fashion trendsetter, Eva Mendes is calling turbans the next big trend. At the Eva Mendes Collection for New York & Company in Central Park, each model was seen wearing velvety head wraps in deep shades of oxblood, baby pink, or white. Of course, this was Eva’s personal decision because of her infatuation with the middle-eastern turban trend.

When asked about the beginning of her obsession with turbans, Eva says “I had a head wrap on, like a head-wrap, turban-ish thing — not a full-on turban — and I was like, ‘Okay, we gotta get into turbans,’” she said. “I remember the CEO, Greg Scott, who I love so much, he was like, ‘This girl’s wacko. Turbans are not going mass, there’s no way.’ And then, suddenly, they were kind of everywhere, and I think when little moments like that happen, [the company’s] trust has grown in me.”

Another celebrity that’s been rocking brightly colored turbans is none other than Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys has been wearing no makeup, to make a message about how females shouldn’t feel obligated to wear makeup to be “prettier”, when they naturally are. Her recent VMA look sparked much talk- when people were quick to say her no makeup kick is easy to do when you’re a celebrity with millions of dollars and can afford expensive skincare routines. This natural look Keys is going for has been accessorized with none other than, turbans!

What do you guys think? Do turbans have the potential to be the new fall/winter must have accessory?

Kanye West’s Controversial and Illegal Casting Call: Kanye West’s latest casting call for Yeezy Season 4 is very…specific to say the least. West tweeted out the specifics over the weekend of what he’s looking for: “Multi-racial women” only. The call took place Sunday in New York City and also requested that women not wear make-up.  The rapper’s latest fashion line is set to debut on September 7, the opening day of New York Fashion Week. Many people on social media, and not just because he debuted his casting call via Twitter, questioned West’s intentions and wondered if he was specifically trying to keep black or white women out. One fan immediately questioned, “In an industry that black models already have a hard time in, you’re just making it worse for them. Why?”

We can only wait and see as to what models get cast in his newest Yeezy collection. But as a celebrity, many have questioned in Kanye West should be allowed to post things of the matter just because he is a celebrity? Does it make it any better because he has the power to do so? If another fashion house posted the same casting call, what would the repercussions be?