The Liberty Expose: Hamas' Ploy

Recently, Hamas, the genocidal jihadist faction that controls the Gaza Strip, attempted to mask their genocidal intentions. In a press conference in Doha, Qatar, Hamas unveiled a new policy document describing the intentions of the terrorist group. Many hope the new policy document will replace the old founding charter adopted in 1988, which amongst other things, calls for genocide of Jews. 

The new document attempts to moderate its formerly fanatically anti-Semitic language directed at Israel and the Jews in favor rhetoric that sounds more like an established political entity – at least by Middle Eastern standards. Anyone with the slightest ability of critical thought should not be fooled by the ploy. 

The old Hamas Charter of 1988 could be mistaken for the theocratic sequel of Mein Kampf. The document in its entirety is a depressing reminder that the intellectual decedents of Nazism are still alive and well in certain parts of the world. The old charter pushes rhetoric that one might expect; it calls for the “obliteration” so Israel by Islam, it disavows any notion of a peaceful solution to the Palestinian question, and allocates blame of war and revolution on the Jews. And of course, the document openly calls for a genocide of the Jews.

 One should note the language that is used; Hamas refers to Jews, not Israelis, which destroys any notion of Hamas being an organization of national unity rather than just blatant, genocidal hatred. It should be noted that Hamas did not disavow the old charter when the new policy document was presented.

The new charters attempts to sound less Hitler-esque. What is striking is how tepid the attempt Hamas makes to don the mask of moderation. The extreme anti-Semitic language has been removed, and mentions of the Jews have been toned down. Rather, Jews are replaced by Zionism, and terminology that one might find in their critical theory class.

Hamas also attempts to distance themselves from the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that serves as the inspiration to many jihadist groups. The new document also presents a diplomatic ploy, by suggesting that Hamas is interested in only Palestine - a move ostensibly aimed at nations such as Egypt. 

What is most striking isn't the contents of the new document, nor the modified language; rather, what is not included. While accepting the 1967 borders, Hamas does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. This is the defining feature that indicates Hamas’ lack of seriousness for actual change. While Hamas’ main Palestinian political opposition, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, led by Mahmoud Abbas (whom Hamas deemed a “war criminal”) have recognized Israel’s right to exist, Hamas refuses to cede that ground. The failure of Hamas to recognize Israel delegitimize the entire document, and exposes Hamas as the ideologically primitive terrorist group they are. The new charter is just wordplay for those who are naïve. In a word, Hamas moderates about as well as United Airlines re-accommodates

At this point in history, people should know that political actors often fulfill their otherwise dismissed phrases. And if Hamas’ rhetoric isn’t enough to dance of their structural banality, perhaps third actions might purvey their enthusiasm for atrocities. 

Take the fact that schools and UN facilities are a favored storing place for the weapons that Hamas tiles in their campaigns of terror, including the rockets fired indiscriminately in Israel. It’s interesting that Hamas chooses to store the weapons in schools. Unsurprisingly, Hamas rules Gaza tyrannically as well. Gazans who are deemed as “enemies” of Hamas are subjected to torture and extrajudicial executions. Vehicles from there atrocities range from beatings, to hangings, to firing squads, with illegitimate trials preceding these. Needless to say, freedom of speech or freedom of the press is not tolerated by Hamas.

Despite Hamas’ blatantly obvious insidious rhetoric and behavior, there are those who nonetheless believe that Hamas should be negotiated with. Most argument boil down to a belief that Hamas is willing to change and a belief that Hamas seeks political legitimacy with the rest of the world. For reasons already stated, the former is absurd; the latter is illogical. 

Groups such as the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the plethora of other terrorist organizations should not be granted legitimacy; it makes no sense that Hamas should be awarded a political ear despite the fact that is has virtually the same aims as groups like ISIS and even commit similar crimes to them. Of course, the only difference is that Hamas’ main enemy is Israel, and there are many who are willing to turn a blind eye to Hamas’ crimes because of that. 

History has consistently shown that non-violent opposition is significantly the most effective way to enact change with democratic nations. Think of Martin Luther King Jr. in the United States, and Nelson Mandela In South Africa. Both movements predicated themselves on Lockean interpretation of equal rights amongst all men, and their respected movements exited to ascend the marginalized ranks of the Jim Crow American South, and Apartheid South Africa (and I’m not comparing Israel to those examples.) It was because of this vision that identity and adversarial politics were not tolerated. That movement has not manifested in Gaza. 

Instead of adopting liberal norms, and perusing change peacefully, Hamas and similar organizations have cultivated a repulsive culture of violence and denotes any notion of progress. The obviousness of this fact is blinding; from the anti-Semitic rhetoric of the political movements to the children’s education racket, which openly encourages and martyrs those who murder Israelis. One struggles to find sympathy for those who teach children to murder. Until the global community begins to recognize that organizations Like Hamas are not interested in peace and prosperity, then the stalemate will exist in perpetuity