Liberty Expose: Don't Be Fooled By North Korea


Now that North Korea is attempting to “steal the show,” as the New York Times put it, at the Winter Olympics, let’s take some time out to review the nature of the Kim regime. Since the crimes of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is too long to list, let’s look at the crimes and offensives committed or at least reported last year. We can begin with his unique style of executions.

The North Korean dictator is creative with his sadism. Allegedly in February 2017, after receiving false reports from government officials, Kim Jong-un came to express his rage at the government officials by executing them via anti-aircraft gun. This is not the only time Kim has chosen to use anti-aircraft guns to annihilate those he does not like.

 Later that year in September, the Independent reported that North Korea executed 11 musicians accused of making a pornographic video. As one defector told the Daily Mirror: “they were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere.”  The defector continues: “and then after that military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.” In North Korea, as in any dictatorship, accusation is synonymous with guilt.

The defector also reported that Kim Jong-un picked out girls from schools to serve as his sex slaves. “They pick the prettiest girls and ensure they have straight, good legs” she told the Mirror. Human Rights Watch has supported related claims, and has made efforts to pressure the UN to take action over North Korea’s sex-slavery.

The terror of Kim Jong-un extends beyond North Korea. Not too long before the North Korea officers were executed with anti-aircraft guns, Kim Jong-un has his half-brother, Kim Jong-nam, assassinated. Though this execution was unique for being outside North Korea in a Malaysian airport.

After recruiting a Vietnamese woman and an Malaysian woman under the false pretenses of staring in a YouTube prank show, the women were ordered to drop a towel over the head of an unsuspecting man in an aircraft. That man would turn out to be Kim Jong-un’s half-brother, and the rag they threw on his head was contaminated with VX nerve agent, the deadliest chemical weapon known.

To summarize, the Kim regime sent two untrained women to assassinate Kim Jong-un’s brother in an airport. The misuse of the chemical weapon could have had deadly, catastrophic consequences. The two women that carried out the attack were expected to die from the exposure, but, perhaps coincidentally, they washed off the toxin after the attack.

The two women who perpetrated the attack are currently in jail awaiting trial. Kim Jong-nam estranged from the Kim family, but when he made comments critical of his half-brother, Kim Jong-un had him assassinated in a foreign land, and disregarded the consequences of what could go wrong. in all likelihood, Kim could not care less about international norms. He has shown this by relentless pursuing his nuclear program. His family has a history of lying about North Korea’s nuclear program.

Under the Sunset policy of the 90’s, in exchange for sanctions relief and a chance to normalize relations either South Korea, the regime of Kim Jong-il agreed to cease their nuclear ambitions. After receiving the relief, they wanted, the program began again. North Korea subsequently detonated their first nuclear weapon almost a decade after the agreement.

The Kim regime is continuing their nuclear program and is manufacturing weapons progressively powerful than the last. The regime claimed to have detonated a hydrogen bomb, though analysts believe this to be another failed propaganda gesture or Kim Jon-un being delusional again. Regardless, North Korea conducts missile tests, with the most recent missiles being fired over Japan.

All of this is well known, but it is wise to go over the recent history of the Kim family because of their tactics at the Winter Games.

In the days leading up to the Winter Olympics now occurring in South Korea, the media warned viewers about the anticipated so-called “charm offensive” expected to be presented by North Korea. Commentators were justified in their suspicions. With tensions between North Korea and the United States escalating, the Kim regime was expected to mask their fanaticism with their neighbors in South Korea and Japan in order to drive a wedge between America in its Asian allies. We were warned not to be fooled. Fast forward to the Olympic Games and not surprisingly, certain members of the media were fooled.

It is dubious to expect the Olympic Committee to exclude nations because of their poor treatment of their citizens. Lest we forget, the last winter Olympics occurred in Russian the same year that nation invaded and annexed the territory of another nation – the first time such an action occurred since World War Two. International organizations are hopeless in terms of morality. Look at the future World Cup hosts: Russia and Qatar.

Like many international organizations, some in journalism are also falling victim – or are being willfully ignorant.

Many journalists are of the opinion the United States is losing the diplomatic effort because, at least according to them, Vice President Mike Pence does not smile enough, or is not as gleeful as Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong. In their attempt to slight the Trump administration, some members of the media and academia have found the actions of the Kim regime at the games more favorable than the Trump administration, with one academic going as far as to call Mike Pence’s behavior diplomatic “bullying.”

When asked why he did not acknowledge Kim-Yo-jong, Vice President Pence stated that he did not want to engage with a member of the most appalling regime in the world.