Boom Bust: United Airlines backlash continues

Backlash for United Airlines continues, after a passenger is forcibly removed from his flight and left beaten and blooded. Gary Leff, co-founder of joins us to discuss the latest developments in the United Airlines scandal. We then turn to a more global discussion with Richard Wolff, Professor of economics emeritus, University of Massachusetts, to discuss China’s relationship with North Korea when it comes to trade, Shell gasoline and Nigeria and fake financial news. Boom Bust’s Bianca Facchinei takes a look at the GOP’s efforts to break down the Dodd-Frank Act. After the break, we discuss Blackberry being award several hundred million dollars in an arbitration case. Lagarde sends America a warning about targeting single nations on currencies. Former commissioner, for the U.S. commodity futures trading commission joins us to discuss oil around the world. Finally, Manuel Rapalo has an out of this world report on Axiom, as the company looks to build the world’s first commercial space station.