A Tipping Point: Redefining Empowerment for Women & Girls

Today's women and girls continue to redefine their role in the world on their own terms. But the reality for many girls and women is still stark. Over 60 million girls still do not have access to primary education and 10 million women die each year due to non-existent or low-quality healthcare. The education and empowerment of girls and women is not only a moral issue - it is a critical economic issue. Ensuring access to education, financial capital and economic self-sufficiency are among the most impactful strategies for advancing long terms sustainable development. What strategies are being deployed in the U.S. and abroad to catalyze economic self-sufficiency for women? What barriers remain for women to further their gains in the corporate suites? Is messaging in media and popular culture hurting or helping the goals? How can today's generation of women leaders support the aspirations of those to follow?