Debate: Negotiations Can Denuclearize North Korea

How should the United States respond to North Korea’s rapidly advancing nuclear capabilities? Some experts suggest the upcoming summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un might provide a pivotal diplomatic opportunity to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons – especially in light of the announcement of harsh new sanctions. But others are more pessimistic, arguing that we’ve been down this road before and that denuclearizing North Korea is more of a pipedream than a legitimate strategic goal. Can Trump and Kim strike a deal to halt North Korea’s nuclear aggression? Or will the talks inevitably fail, heightening tensions and increasing the likelihood of fatal miscalculations?

Presented in partnership with Georgetown University, LIVE at the first Georgetown University Women’s Forum.

Keynote Speaker: Suki Kim, Award-Winning Author & Investigative Journalist

For the motion:

  • Suzanne DiMaggio, Director, The U.S.-Iran Initiative & Senior Fellow, New America
  • Bonnie Jenkins, Senior Fellow, The Brookings Institution & Former Ambassador, U.S. State Department

Against the motion:

  • Sue Mi Terry, Former CIA Analyst & Senior Fellow, CSIS | Center for Strategic & International Studies
  • Mira Rapp-Hooper Senior Research Scholar, Yale