Debate: The Republican Party should not re-nominate Donald Trump?

Americans are gearing up for the 2020 presidential elections, and Republicans have a choice: Should Donald Trump be their nominee? His detractors see a politically vulnerable candidate caught up in the uncertainty of the Mueller investigation, wounded by the longest government shutdown in history, and defeated by House Democrats who refused his demand for border wall funding. But many are standing behind the president. They argue his passionate and loyal base will deliver yet another political win, particularly if his campaign finally has the full support and guidance of the Republican Party. Can Trump deliver key swing states and another victory for the GOP? Or is he the wrong choice for the American right?

Motion: The Republican Party should not re-nominate Donald Trump?

For The Motion:

  • Jeff Flake - Former. U.S. Senator, Arizona

  • Bret Stephens - Op-Ed Columnist, New York Times

Against The Motion:

  • Kris Kobach - Former. Secretary of State, Kansas

  • Liz Peek - Fox News Contributor & Columnist